Console tables are great for creating a simple but useful surface – particularly in a narrow space like a hallway. It’s also possible to create shallow drawers for keys etc without distracting from the clean lines.

Sideboards, whilst also providing useful surface space for bowls, etc provide the opportunity for plenty of storage space either with cupboards or drawers.

Oak and Burr Walnut Sideboard

This sideboard is part of a large living room commission. As the current house has space for a 2m long sideboard, this was the initial design. However, I’m interested in making pieces that are also adaptable to the changing spaces we inhabit so I designed it in 3 parts – so that the two end cupboards can be removed and attached to create two shorter units if required. The only adaptation that would then need to be made would be to create new tops to match.

Elm and Horse Chestnut Sideboard

This sideboard was commissioned by clients who had bought their house 30 years ago, because of the beautiful Horse Chestnut tree in the garden. When it had to be felled due to age, they wanted something made from the wood to remember it by. The timber available, a lovely pale, fine grained wood, was quite short sections so, having air dried it for 2 years I decided it would make great door panels. I had some lovely, figured Elm in stock for the main frame and the combination created a lovely warm looking piece. Some of the internal space included drawers for CD’s.

Sycamore and American Walnut Cutlery and Wine Cabinet

The Cutlery and Wine cabinet was a piece I made for us. We had a space that was underused and a need to store our new ‘best’ cutlery and wine. I also had some nice pieces of figured sycamore that were crying out for a piece that would show them off. The dark colour of the American Black Walnut sets the sycamore off nicely.

Grey Birds Eye Maple and Ash Display Sideboard

This display cabinet was made for an exhibition and continues my experimentation with contrasting textured and smooth surfaces. It has a somewhat Art Deco look. The ends are textured, painted ash and the main cabinet is veneered in grey stained birds eye maple. The top is a glass covered box for displaying items – with a secondary base to make it shallower if required. I initially exhibited the cabinet with feathers in the top as I feel the birds eye maple has a rather feathery look to it.

This piece is still for sale – please contact me for further details.

American Walnut and Copper Leaf Bowl Console Table

I designed this copper leaf console table to experiment with texture and contrast. The original idea came from seeing some large copper lamps against the dark during an interview on TV with Adele. However, American Walnut is too beautiful a wood to cover up completely, so I decided to show off the fine grain by contrasting it with the carved, stained under side. The carved bowl in the top surface is copper leafed and lacquered using traditional techniques.

This piece is still for sale – please contact me for further details.