Although the majority of my work is larger I enjoy the challenge of making smaller objects. It also allows me to use pieces of nicely figured or decorative timber which are too small to include in a larger piece.

This was a lovely commission to create a 40th Wedding Anniversary present.

Elm is a lovely warm wood with varied and interesting grain. It is also possible to get some really interesting Burr Elm veneers which add extra visual texture to the top panel.

Inside I created 3 trays. Two are more traditional, made from Horse Chestnut which is a fine grained, clean, cream timber to which I added a rich burgundy, felt base lining.

The top tray is a design I developed. We wanted as many sections as possible, but it is often difficult to get small stud earrings from the small compartments. Instead, I designed curved compartments which allow the earrings to be accessed more easily. The elm and chestnut again make great contrasting companions.

Flip Lid Boxes

These small boxes – approximately 200mm long – are usually made from Elm, Burr Elm or Oak. They are made in such a way that the grain of the wood follows round the sides. The lids are flat and the boxes have an internal lining of Horse Chestnut or Sycamore designed so that to open them, the lids flip up at one end.

Dried Flower Pots

These pots are designed to hold dried flowers. I make them in a variety of sizes according to the timber available. A new development is using some locally sourced Douglas Fir and, using pyrography, adding an appropriate drawing of the relevant cones and leaves.

Pot Sizes – are between about 160mm high & 400mm high

Other Boxes